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San Pedro Sula is the commercial capital of Honduras. Further, it is also well connected to many of the smaller villages nearby. As a result, the San Pedro Sula Shopping experience is truly unique—combining the best of modern-day goods with authentic, native offerings.

San Pedro Sula Shopping—Buying Handicrafts & Local Goods

Unlike some other locales in Honduras, where shopping is restricted to buying cheaper versions of international brands, San Pedro Sula offers authentic handicrafts. In fact, it has become a nerve-point for handicrafts sourced from Central America, which are eventually exported. The two most popular shopping destinations for buying handicrafts are the Mercado de Guamalito and the Casa del Sol market. There are a number of road-side stalls around these two markets. These are the perfect places to buy local Honduran specialties like jewelry made from cheap gemstones, leather bags, and engraved wood carvings. These are the only two markets with a reputation of selling authentic, Honduran arts and crafts. Most of the artworks here are created by the Lenca tribes. Their style of pottery making is unique, and is commonly referred to as "negative pottery" because it uses shades of gray and black only.

San Pedro Sula Shopping at Nearby Locations—Copan, Mosquito Coast & Roatan

Those who are ready to walk for about an hour should head towards the local markets of Copan. This is a sacred, historical site. Markets here offer beautiful replicas of Mayan gods and Mayan-era artwork. In smaller places, like Roatan, the shopping choices are blended—many malls have come up in the last five years, but they are surrounded by numerous stalls, vending traditional items. Those who are serious about collecting regional arts can take a cab ride to the nearby Mosquito Coast. This place is renowned for its artworks that is created from the bark of a rare tree. These creations are largely looked upon as the true presentation of the Mayan art.

San Pedro Sula Shopping at Malls

Visitors who plan to splurge on discounted global brands should head to the bigger shopping malls. The two biggest malls in San Pedro Sula are the Metroplaza Mall and the City Mall. Visitors can find many American brands retailed here at unbelievable discounts.

San Pedro Sula Shopping Tips

The straw baskets and other hats made from straw are perhaps the most commonly available items in San Pedro Sula. Straw hats are particularly useful for protecting oneself from the daytime heat. They can also be bought as souvenirs for friends and family back home. Visitors shouldn’t spend too much on goods made from black-colored coral and turtle shells. These creations tend to lose their outer sheen very quickly unless they are coated with a specific, expensive material. Crafts made from feathers of native birds should be avoided. This is because the general hygiene standards maintained by the tribesmen aren’t very impressive—creating the risk of contracting an infection. Further, some of these goods use feathers of birds listed as endangered species. If this is verified at the custom’s counter, the bearer of such goods is asked to pay a heavy penalty.

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