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Honduras is a small country that isn't known for having sizable cities, but San Pedro Sula nightlife would suggest otherwise. This second largest city in the country has a population of around 900,000 people and is situated in the northwest portion of the mainland country. Known as the industrial hub of Honduras, San Pedro Sula is full of different factories, warehouses and more. Given the size of the city, however, there are also a number of cultural attractions and other places of interest that draw in tourists and visitors from around the world. Read on for brief overview of the nightlife and entertainment in San Pedro Sula.

Confetti's Disco

Confetti's Disco is an excellent choice of a club that has dance music playing until the early hours of the morning. Honduras is known for its lively club scene, and it's best not to even consider showing up to a bar of this type until well after midnight. Confetti's Disco is typically frequented by a younger crowd ranging from early to late 20s in age.

Beer Bar

For a slight change of pace from the disco scene, Beer Bar is a great choice. This standard bar, located off of the Circunvalacion along with a good number of other bars, restaurants and clubs, is a great place to start out the night. With a wide selection of different drinks available at low prices and a good mixture of locals, foreigners and ex-pats living in San Pedro Sula, Beer Bar is oftentimes the first stop on a long night of partying and dancing that ends up at one of the other spots on this list.

Kawanas Bay

Although it features a small cover (varying depending upon the night, but never more than about $6) Kawanas Bay has come to be one of the most popular and well-known clubs in all of San Pedro Sula. Conveniently, it's located just one block away from Confetti's Disco, so it's very popular for travelers to explore both, and they feature similar types of music and a comparable atmosphere.

When going out and about at night in Honduras, it's crucial that you exercise the proper caution. San Pedro Sula can be a very dangerous and violent place, and it's best to keep your wits about you, avoid consuming too much alcohol, and under no circumstances accept drugs or any other items from the people who you encounter.

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