Festivals in San pedro sula

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San Pedro Sula festivals make your stay in San Pedro Sula memorable. There are only few festivals that this place celebrates. However, these festivals exude the love of the people of San Pedro Sula for dance and music.

Folkloric Festival

Folkloric Festival is a festival in San Pedro Sula that takes place in the month of September for two Saturday nights. This festival is a cultural event that is celebrated through a series of activities. These activities include exhibition of the local food and different presentations of national music and dance coming from various international cultural groups that have been part of San Pedro Sula for a long time.

Festival Feria Juniano

Festival Feria Juniano is the longest running festival of San Pedro Sula, which started in the year 1846. It is a month long celebration which happens in June. San Pedro Sula is crowded on weekends because a large number of visitors flock to the country to witness this fun and exciting festival. Several lists of things to do have been prepared ahead to highlight the events. Among such activities is the parade around the city, in which dancers and drum corps and the most beautiful girls in the city participate. The parade of the most lovely girls in San Pedro Sula makes the festival more colorful. It fascinates the crowd as these pretty girls march on the crowded streets. Aside from the parade, there are also cultural events, music, carnivals, and many more fun activities.

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