Day Trips in San pedro sula

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Explore Mayan Culture through San Pedro Sula Day Trips

One of the most recommended San Pedro Sula day trips is to visit Copan. This historical city is often referred to as the capital of the mysterious Mayan culture.

Reaching Copan

Visitors can reach Copan by using the buses that run daily services between Copan and San Pedro Sula. Most of these services begin after 12 p.m. and take about 3 hours to reach Copan. The fares are cheap, and the commuting distance offers view of the mountains and small hamlets. La Entrada is one of the major stops en route to Copan wherein visitors can refresh themselves.

Explore Copan—the Mayan Metropolis

Copan is largely regarded as the most authentic source of Mayan civilization in Central America. Copan’s historic sites are surrounded by rugged mountains. The most popular sites are the architectural creations of the Mayans which are amazingly well-preserved. Some of the archaeological findings from these ruins date back to 1200 B.C.  The Mayan Stela is one of most sacred Mayan statues found here.

Visitors can take the help of tour guides to get acquainted with the folklore surrounding the famed Mayan temples. Not many people realize this day trip also includes a visit to the nearby ecological reserve. The natural park gives way to many hiking trails which head towards the more uninhabited parts of Copan. There are some villages on the outskirts which are recommended for shopping. The local offerings include traditional craft items.

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