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Great Things to See on a Cruise to San Pedro Sula

Honduras has a very broad coast line, and so perhaps one of the best ways of exploring this city is to take one of the many San Pedro Sula cruises available. If you are able to stop off at this fascinating city, you will get to enjoy a wide range of sights and sounds.

Easily Accessible from a Cruise

While there aren't many cruise liners that go directly to San Pedro Sula since it is inland, some companies such as Princess will journey down the glorious river known as the Zona de Armenta, which originates in the mountains of Merendon. The parklands at the San Pedro Sula terminus of the river is a great recreational area where you can swim in the clear cold water and purchase food. This is a great activity to do for anyone on San Pedro Sula cruises.

Night at the Museum

People come from all over central America and beyond to enjoy San Pedro Sula's incomparably brilliant archaeological museum, which boasts a plethora of ancient artifacts housed between two large, imposing cannons. If you stop off at the Zona de Armenta, go ashore and visit. You'll find out that it's open every day apart from Tuesday, and you'll normally pay a 10 L entrance fee unless it's the first Sunday of the month, in which case it's absolutely free. You'll find it on 3a Ave NO/4a Calle NO in the Zona Viva district. This has to be a must-do when going on a San Pedro Sula cruise.

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