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San Pedro Sula Beaches are a beautiful part of the city of San Pedro Sula, which is located in Honduras, the second largest country is Central America. The city of San Pedro Sula is the second largest city in Honduras, and offers a few of the greatest beaches in Central America. One of the best things to do in San Pedro Sula, aside from sight-seeing, shopping, eating, or drinking, is going to the beach. San Pedro Sula has some of the most beautiful beaches in Honduras, which also includes the beaches of the Bay Islands.

Puerto Cortes

On the coast of the Caribbean Sea, East of Omoa, are the beaches of Puerto Cortes. These beaches are full of tourists and locals who gather to enjoy the beauty of the clean water and the bright, warm sun in the midst of a hot summer day. Within Puerto Cortes there is also a sea port where you can take tours and go on other ferries that explore the waters in the area. The beaches of Puerto Cortes are used as key places to relax; many people leave their hotels or homes to lay about the beach, tan, and socialize, while others like to swim in the water.


Omoa, like Puerto Cortes, is on the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Apart from the Colonial-era Spanish Fortress, you can get out and see the beautiful beaches that border the outskirts of town. These beaches are often used as a base for relaxation, and many people swim in the clean water and use boats to explore the area. Tourists will usually take ferries that will show them the beaches of Omoa, and often the Bay Islands as well, but other times it is also nice to visit the beaches during the night to experience the nightlife of San Pedro Sula.

Bay Islands

The Bay Islands (Islas de la Bahia) are several Caribbean islands and islets in the bay of Honduras. These islands are commonly toured and explored by visitors and locals, while others use them for quiet relaxation. Utilia is the Westernmost island. Roatan is the biggest island, which is also the most developed island of the Bay Islands. Guanaja is the Easternmost island. The Hog Islands are a few small islands and islets south of the closest Hondurian Coast. Among these islands there are some that are quiet and peaceful, in which people can go to relax in peace. Other islands always have people swimming and having fun.

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