Lake yojoa Travel Guide

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Lake Yojoa is the largest fresh water lake in Honduras made by a depression formed by volcanos. It is surrounded by National Parks; Santa Barbara National Park on the west side and Cerro Azul Meambar National Park on the east side. 

The lake is a popular fishing area and you can either fish yourself or frequent one of the restaurants that specialize in fish along the lake. Bird watchers love this area as well as there are almost 400 species of birds to be found here.  

Anthony's Key Resort

Anthony’s Key Resort has been in the are for over 40 years and offers many activities and things to do. You can dive along the reefs and enjoy the dolphins with a fleet of 10 diving boats and several instructors. Hiking is spectacular in the tropical gardens. You can also lounge in the wooden cabanas along the shoreline and order what ever you like.  

Sports Fishing

Lake Yojoa is very popular with the sports fisherman. It has been repopulated with black bass and there are several hotels that offer fishing tours or you can just rent a boat and use your own equipment. The Honduyate Marina rents sailboats and offers many other water activities.  


Cerro Azul Meambar Park offers well marked trails and beautiful scenery to go hiking in. The park is well developed and you can even stay in a room in the park for less than $50. If you are a bird or botanical enthusiast you will love it here and bring your binoculars.

D&D Microbrewery and Bed and Breakfast offers pretty good food and mild tasting brew.  D&D offers a few rooms, swimming pool, and restaurant in the middle of a coffee grove.  

Cataratas Pulhapanzak Waterfall

About 20 minutes away is Cataratas Pulhapanzak, a beautiful waterfall. There is a secrete passage behind the falls that takes you to a small cave. You will get wet trying to get there and never go alone in case the water knocks you down.  There is a wooden stairway that leads you down to get behind the falls and you may have to jump some pools and get your feet wet, but you’re going to get wet anyway. No matter what you can get some pretty spectacular views from above and below the falls.  

Make sure to go to the little shops and restaurants along the lake for the local flair.   This area is the nature lover’s heaven so you can hike and boat to your heart’s content.  

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