Cusuco National Park Travel Guide

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The National Park of Cusuco is situated in the Northwest of the Central American country of Honduras. Cusuco National Park, covering a total area of 23,440 hectares divided in to a 7,690 hectares core zone and a 15,750 hectares buffer zone, is one of the remaining island of Central American Montane forests in the region. The Park is located in the Merendón Mountain range in the Northwest of Honduras. Situated close to the border to Guatemala, approximately 40 km from San Pedro Sula City, the Park lays within the governmental districts of Cortés and San Pedro Sula. Discover the deep dense jungles of the Merendon Mountain range, the green foliage of its exotic unexplored hiking trails, and it clear running waterfalls that drop from the caves and rivers of Cusuco National Park. Experience the untouched destinations of the most un-traditional tours in the country. Activities like are available at the Park! Jungle hiking Horse back ridding Mountain biking Night tours Birdwatching Waterfall rappelling Social bonding with all the mountain villages and much more!