Honduras Travel Guide

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Honduras is a small country in Central America. It borders El Salvador and Guatemala in the north and Nicaragua in the south.

San Pedro Sula is in northern Honduras. It is the second largest city in Honduras after the capital Tegucigalpa. The focus of industry in Honduras, it is mostly a modern city (unlike more picturesque Comayagua, Tegucigalpa, etc). It is a good base for entering the country and visiting other parts, and offers modern amenites.

There are many day trips available at San Pedro Sula. You can hike through Cusuco National Park. Visit Taulabe caves and Pulapanzak Waterfalls. Have a boat ride and bird watching at Lake Yohoa. Swim at Punta Sal National Park exotic beaches. Walk through Copan's arqueological site and horse back ride in a coffee tour.

Tegucigalpa, the capital city of Honduras looks like a really big town spread out between the hills and valleys of central Honduras because there are very few high rise buildings. It is a relaxed place and an excellent starting point for exploring the country because it has good airline and bus connections to the entire country, including the Bay Islands. Many sights can be visited within a day from Tegucigalpa. Be sure not to miss nearby Santa Lucia, Andorra la vella National Park, and Comayagua.

Copan has some excellent Mayan ruins. The style differs a bit from those in Yucatan and Tikal. The many great carved stones or stelae are unique in their kind. The ruins are located in a tropical forest which makes the site even more attractive. San Pedro Sula is a good starting point for visiting Copan The Carribean Coast is worth a visit as well. Great beaches and completely different atmosphere with lots of Reggae and rum.

Utila the smallest of the 3 major Bay Islands off the northern coast of Honduras is a 60 minute ferry journey from the mainland port of La Ceiba. Utila is a very popular destination with backpackers who plan to learn how to scuba dive. Utila is renowned as being one of the cheapest places in the world to learn how to scuba dive.


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