When to Go in Lake Atitlan

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Experience Authentic Mayan Culture at Lake Atitlan

The Lake Atitlan When to Go short guide will help you consider when to go to this interesting destination. The lush, green backdrop caused by a semi-tropical climate adds an air of mystery to this world of the Mayan people. The highest temperature is 85 degrees Fahrenheit, or 29 degrees Celsius. However, temperature at Solola is 10 to 20 degrees lower. Many travelers state that their spirituality emerged when they visited the Atitlan Lake. This is because of the ethereal and captivating beauty of the place.  

The Dry Season

The dry season in this area starts in November and ends in March. This is the best time to visit Atitlan. It is also the best time to explore its surroundings and attractions. You can venture into the lake area by commissioning a lancha or small boat. You may also join group rides, if you are on a budget. The lake, also called Lago de Atitlan or Laguna de Atitlan, has villages and towns with interesting things to offer. San Pablo is good for backpacking activities, San Marcos for meditations, Santiago has the Shrine of Maximon, Santa Cruz shows a simple Mayan village, and Santa Catarina Palopo is where you can experience authentic Mayan culture.

The Wet Season   

The Rainy Season is May through September. Heavy down pours usually occur in the afternoon and evening. During rainy seasons, the streets become small rivers. You should avoid this wet months. However if you happen to visit during this season then you might as well enjoy the unusual sight of  flowers and spectacular gardens seen through the torrential rains.   

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