Internet Cafes in Lake Atitlan

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Cafe Atitlan

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Cafe Atitlan is in San Pedro on Lake Atitlan. The owner is extremely nice and offers free espresso and free wifi. The food is great at a good price. I recommend sitting outside under the cabana. Cafe Atitlan is on the South side of the main dock, next to Clover and The Buddha. At The Buddha, follow the painted coffee beans on the path to find Cafe Atitlan.

type:Wifi Hotspot
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D'Noz is a combination restaurant/bar/internet cafe. It's positioned near the docks to Panajachel over looking the lake from above Nicks Place. The food is great but the view is better. I think there were 6-8 computers with the standard dial up service.

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Pulcinella Internet Cafe

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An excellent place to get conected to the internet, high speed fiber optics conection, more than 20 computers, laser printer, cd-burning, smokers and non-smokers section, simple, the bigest in panajachel and all around lake atitlan
It also functions as a computers laboratory for diferent schools in town so, dont be surprised is you see 20 kids comming in to the last section, the classroom...

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type:Internet Cafe
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address:Calle Principal 0-62
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