Getting Around in Lake Atitlan

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Lake Atitlan transportation include land and water methods to travel across and around the deepest lake in Central America. When traveling, it is best to know what you are doing and to act like a local.

Travel by Lancha

Lancha is the term the locals use for these small boats. This kind of transportation carries the passengers from place to place across the lake. Some of the lanchas have a daily schedule for departure, while others leave when they have enough passengers. Some crew members of the lanchas will charge double fares price if they know you are a foreigner. The recommended way to avoid this situation is to not talk about the price until you get to your destination. Another option is to secretly ask the local residents about the fare. When you get off the lancha, be ready with the stated amount and pay like you are already used to traveling in the place. 

Travel by Taxi

The main mode of transportation around Lake Atitlan is the Bangkok-style tuk-tuk. This kind of transportation can carry two passengers. The taxis have three routes: Panajachel to San Pedro; San Juan to San Pedro; and Marcos to San Pedro. It is better to know the fare from the local residents before you ride in this form of transportation. It also helps if you pay an exact amount once you get off the taxi.


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