Festivals in Lake Atitlan

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Further fueling the reputation of this beautifully renowned corner of Guatemala are the flamboyant Lake Atitlan festivals.

Monarch of all Festivals

Commemorating the spring season with an impressive roster of performers and breath-taking exhibitions, the annual Lake Atitlan Festival has never failed to provide all attendees with much to enjoy. Activities include musical performances rooted from an array of cultures and traditions, offerings of local artwork and a seemingly unending stream of delectable dishes. The festival is one that all locals and foreigners greatly await. The best part of this is that all proceeds made are donated to a local charity and/or institution.

Semana Santa: a Global Celebration

The king of all fiestas is the powerful Semana Santa, or the Holy Week festival. A powerful and vibrant Catholic week-long affair, the celebrations hold distinction on a global level. During the festival week, the streets are adorned with clover and fruits, pines, flowers and people rejoicing in purple robs. Christian images garnish every corner of the city and are held by almost every hand.

Throughout the year, festivals are common occurrences in this beautiful part of the world. Leading up to Christmas time, one can find the town market and fairs in Chichicastenango to be one overflowing in merriment. Traditional dances and music keep the celebratory spirit alive especially during this season.

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