Beaches in Lake Atitlan

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Often rated as one of the most beautiful lakes in the world, the Lake Atitlan is a central tourist destination for many people visiting Guatemala. Here are some of the Lake Atitlan Beaches.

By the Lake

The most obvious place to find a beach would be by the Lake, and although one may not necessarily be able to find sand here, this is the spot to find the water activities in the Lake. Around the Lake, tourists are actively “scouted” by enthusiastic locals looking for the next diver, surfer or skier. The clear waters of the Lake are a brilliant for a diver – although there is not much marine life in the Lake, save for a few small fish and jellyfish, it is truly a great experience diving in a volcanic lake at such a high altitude. Those looking for something far less strenuous can look to kayaking, an activity that is very popular among tourists as it provides a clear view of the scenery around the Lake.


The main town located by the Lake, the town of Panajachel is the base for all tourists, providing the first stop before anyone ventures out of the town into other villages and activities. The town itself is teeming with activity, considering its location and position. For the beaches, the town has some of its own. Many of these beaches do not provide fine sand, but instead, are more rocky and fit for hiking along the lakeside rather than enjoying regular beach activities. However, those looking to have some fun in the sun can still do so, and suntanning is a popular activity among visitors looking to soak up some of the warm Guatemalan sun.

San Marcos La Laguna

This beach features fine white sand and the clear waters of the lake, and can be crowded during the peak season times. However, the attraction here is not the beach itself, but the beautiful view. From this beach, the full cone of the volcano can be seen, together with a sizeable portion of the Lake Atitlan. This photo perfect view is a good chance to take some pictures as momentos, and the locals have capitalized on this, providing photography services to tourists for a small fee. Another possible activity here is to sit at one of the cafés and savor a hot coffee or tea, and take in the beautiful sights and sounds of Lake Atitlan.


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