Museums in Guatemala city

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There is plenty to discover in Guatemala when it comes to art. It is a city with a rich history and many Guatemala city museums to show it.

The National Museum of Modern Art

The National Museum of Modern Art was one of Guatemala’s first museums to showcase its citizen’s contemporary sculpture and paint pieces.

The National History Museum

The National History Museum is home to many of the art works that reflect the changes in Guatemalan economy, culture, and society since its independence in 1821. Like many of the museums in Guatemala, The National Museum of Archeology and Ethnology is located in Guatemala City and houses indigenous textiles and jade pieces that date back to the Guatemala Maya culture. Also in Guatemala City, you will find records from paleontology and geology at The National History Museum.

The Guatemala City Railway Museum

In the heart of Guatemala City, you will find the Guatemala City Railway Museum.  Located in the former main railway station of Guatemala City, this Guatemala museum features information about the railway development of Guatemala as well as a variety of classic steam and diesel trains and passenger trains.

The Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens of Guatemala City would make a beautiful day trip for any visitor. Peaceful and tranquil, these gardens are home to some of Guatemala’s most beautiful and nearly extinct species of plants, including some local and exotic plants. It was the first Botanical Garden ever built in Central America, as well as the only one ever construction in Guatemala.

Most Guatemala museums are open daily during the week, and some are open on the weekends. Most close at about 5pm and are located within the Guatemala City limits.

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