Nightlife and Entertainment in Antigua Guatemala

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The sites of historical significance and the Antigua Guatemala nightlife will surely give you a memorable vacation. This city is located in Guatemala and is a major tourist destination. Read on to find out about the nightlife in this city.


Sangre offers the visitors a cozy atmosphere. This club is located on the 5a Avenue, and is a popular hangout amongst the adults in Antigua Guatemala. This club is tucked away in the backyard of a gallery. Sangre is also known as an artist’s hangout, as most of the patrons here are famous painters, musicians and the likes. The ambiance is built by cozy lighting and soulful music playing in the background. Add some spunk to your nightlife by trying some cocktails. The tapas serves at the club makes for great finger food.


Reilly's is a famous Irish Pub in Antigua Guatemala. You will find this pub on the 5a Avenue; look out for the sign or the shop number 31. This bar is done up in true Irish style and has several bar stools. The bar is a great place to start a conversation with the bartenders, who help maintain a fun atmosphere in the pub. The pub opens at 2:00 p.m. and closes at 1:00 a.m. This place is popular amongst the expatriates in Antigua Guatemala.


Located next to other bars and pubs in Antigua Guatemala, Monoloco is the most sought after sports bar in the area. The bar is done up in a true American style and airs several games. The flat screen televisions and comfortable couches make it a heaven for the sports enthusiasts. The bar has earned the reputation of serving the most delicious and juicy burgers in town. The bar stays open till 1:00 a.m.

La Sin

Wish to dance your night away? Then La Sin is the place to be. La Sin is a dance club beyond compare in Antigua Guatemala. You can start the evening by munching on appetizers and drinking some beer. But, as the night progresses, the ambiance transforms into one big party zone. The dance floor gets heated up with sensual salsa moves. The music will blow your mind away and give you a completely new high. It is located close to Calle Poniente 5a. This dance club stays open way past 1:00 a.m.

La Casbah

La Casbah is the oldest and the most adored dance bar in Antigua Guatemala. You will find this dance bar just a few minutes away from the famous Catalina Arch. The music at this dance bar caters to the likes of each and every visitor. This dance club is a gay and lesbian friendly club. The party here starts at 6:00 p.m. and goes on till 1:00 a.m.

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Punto Cero

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Punto Cero is a laid back, restaurant & Bar. They have an amazing view from the terrace and a 360 view from the top terrace. The Prices are very cheap regarding the house drinks and beers. You can prety much spend the whole afternoon and night there and the staff is very friendly. Their free wi-fi is VERY fast, the fastest I have found in Antigua. It´s located on 3a Calle Poniente, casa No. 4 , one block away from Central Park.

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ClosingTime:11 pm
address:3a Calle Poniente Casa No. 4
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