Getting Around in Central America

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Many folks from North America go to Central America on cruiselines or by air.  But the Pan-American Highway is another alternative for those who might be a bit more adventurous.  The highway runs all the way from Mexico to Panama, and it is good road most of the way.

There are of course many ways to find your way around the Caribbean. The most convenient is to fly, but especially the smaller isles often don't have enough place to land a plane. Helicopters are really expensive to charter, but there are local operators that charter hydroplanes.

Not less adventurous is to travel by boat or ferry. Sometimes its even possible to hitch a trip with local fishermen or traders. Be sure to let people at your destination know they should expect you, and the boat and crew you pick are safe to travel with. If you know what you're doing you might even rent a boat yourself.

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Car hire is fairly inexpensive in the Caribbean but be aware that on most Islands of the Caribbean, they drive on the left. The only places where you drive on the right are Aruba, Cuba, Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe, Haiti, Martinique, and the Netherlands Antilles.

You can get a could idea of car hire rates in the caribbean at

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Pan-American Highway (Carreterra Panamericana) -- aka Central America Highway 1

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Auto enthusiast have been intrigued by the idea of traveling from the top to bottom of the Americas from Alaska to Argentina since the inception of the Pan-American Highway in 1923.  Travelers can travel the entire length of Central America from Texas to Panama.  However, the jungle between Panama and Columbia, known as the Darién Gap, is the only portion of the Pan-American Highway that has not been completed.  So the northern section of the highway ends in Yaviza, Panama. 

The entire length of the Pan-American Highway in Central America follows more..

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