Top 5 Must Do's in El Salvador

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A tiny country in Central America, El Salvador has increasingly become a tourist haven, with Spanish mystery interwoven with the locals' friendly charm. There are lots of things to do in the country, but for tourists who want to see the best of the country, or those just merely stopping by, here is a list of El Salvador Must Do’s.

Drive around San Salvador

The capital city of El Salvador should always be the first stop, especially for the first -ime visitor. Built at a foot of a volcano, San Salvador has been destroyed and reconstructed a number of times after eruptions and earthquakes. Visit the Cathedral Metropolitana de San Salvador, the main cathedral of the city, where the colorful dome is a popular tourist attraction. Take a walk around the Jardin Botánico La Laguna, a drained swamp that was a volcanic crater. For those who prefer a quiet afternoon, the National Anthropological Museum is the place to go because most of El Salvador’s national treasures can be found here and viewed.

Surfing at La Libertad

Surfing is fast becoming a popular activity for tourists, especially in the recent years. Avid surfers swear by the surfing at La Libertad, where the fast and high waves are available all year round. The rocky shoreline at La Libertad has been avoided for years by locals due to the potential dangers, but since the 1970s, this place is very well regarded by international visitors looking for a good surfing spot.

Culture Walk in Nahuizalco

With its long Mayan history, it is not surprising that El Salvador is home to some of the world’s most interesting cultures. Nahuizalco is located about an hour’s drive from San Salvador, and lies on the “Flowers Route.” Experience local indigenous cultures by talking to the locals. The night markets are a must-go here, traditionally lighted only by candles and selling local wicker wares.

Go on a Food Expedition

Food is like a national past time in El Salvador, heavily influenced by the Spanish culture with a local twist. Street foods such as elote loco (crazy corn), or deep fried plantain can be found everywhere. The pupusa is a local, hand made tortilla that is the national dish of the country. It can be found stuffed with homemade cheeses, or as a heavier meal, chili. Also, taste the horchata, a local beverage made from nuts or grains, sugar and water.

Shopping in Ilobango

Those looking to do a spot of shopping can head to Ilobango, where unique souvenirs can be found. Sorpresas are a good buy here – little pottery pieces with a hollow center, containing a surprise inside, either a little figurine or a toy. Woven objects can be found here too – bracelets, necklaces, key rings, you name it. El Salvador is truly a beauty to behold – nature, shopping and fun. There is much to do here, and a visit here would surely be a great holiday for everyone.
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