Sights in El Salvador

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Like most of its Central American counterparts El Salvador is often overlooked by its more charismatic North and South American countries. If you are traveling for leisure and do not want to come out of your comfort cocoon then El Salvador is not the place for you. El Salvador Sights offer a great deal to any person interested in history, archaeology and nature.

Santa Ana and Surroundings

Santa Ana, located on the west side of El Salvador, is the second largest city of El Salvador. Santa Ana is surrounded by beautiful volcanoes and forests that will earn the appreciation of any adventure lover. Chalchuapa, eight miles away from Santa Ana, is a very old Mayan city that still preserves some of the structures and monuments of the Mayan civilization (City of Tazumal). The main pyramid rises almost 75 feet from the ground. The green and blue colored graves, believed to be favorite colors of god, located behind the ruins are also worth seeing. Izalco Volcano, being very close to the city, is a great place for trekking. The Flower Route is very close to the volcano and this route is replete with hibiscus flowers and white coffee flowers. El Salvador National Park is also close by and can only be entered with a police escort. The place is safe during the day time but during the night some terrorists may cross your path. Trekking to the volcano top through the dense forest is treacherous but once you enjoy the stunning view of the countryside from the summit of volcano, you will forget all about all the painstaking effort undertaken to come this far.

San Salvador

San Salvador, capital of El Salvador, is the biggest city and has a rich historical background. The city was not very safe during the night until recently. The government has taken stern steps against terrorist activities and San Salvador is now a safe haven for foreign tourists. The city is full of nice plazas and parks. Metropolitan Cathedral is the biggest attraction here. The National Palace made of marble is also a huge attraction. San Salvador volcano is also an interesting site for the adventure lovers. If you want a peaceful walk in a serene environment, then the University of El Salvador campus is the place for you. Boulevard de Los Heroes has an array of good restaurants and is the place where you can taste the scrumptious Salvadorian seafood.

Suchitoto is situated in the north of San Salvador. Mount Monticresto is to the east of the town. The mountain top has a lovely cloud forest. The biodiversity in this region is huge and the forests, as well as the animals, are well preserved by El Salvador's, Honduras's and Guatemala's governments. The trek down from the mountain to the lake of Suchitlan is an awesome experience. The gravel road, small Caribbean villages and the Central American wildlife will give you an authentic image of El Salvadorian lifestyle.

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