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- back in from the bizzard, here in these moiatnuns,It is often very entertaining to visit, here, on this site. If I had not resigned myself to a sort of monkish life for awhile, I no doubt would have a woman here to relieve the solace, occasionally. (Don't worry, the pressure and hounding are building so you may be rid of me sometimes this year!)(Only trouble is that a lone woman is such a bother, sometimes. It doesn't take long before she has needs beyond which a man understands or wants to be bothered with.)Poor Ruth. If your contentions are correct, lobro, attention is all she needs. If her lion story is true, I very much admire her for her loyalty to a deceased husband but I have yet to meet a woman whose attachment is so steadfast! Maybe they actually exist, but it's a stretch, and no doubt a subconscious basis for your skepticism. I neither condemn nor condone your humorous antipathy! I am just smiling (Hope you are, too, Ruth!)All of you are fascinating!

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