Travel Guide in Montecristo national park

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You may find this Montecristo National Park Travel Guide really helpful, if you’re planning a visit to the park. Don’t forget to take your permission from the Ministry of National Resources, otherwise the guards at the entrance won’t let you enter.


Montecristo National Park was established in 1987 as a nature-preserving initiative of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras. Most of its territory is covered by a cloud forest, inhabited by many endangered animal and plant species. In the past, a colonial town was located inside the park, part of which is now used as a Museum of Nature.


Be prepared for plenty of rain and pack some suitable clothes. Temperatures vary between 6 degrees C and 18 degrees C and the air humidity level may reach 100 percent. The clouds hang low and create some beautiful views. It may be a good idea to visit this place in the dry season from November to March, but avoid visiting in April or May because it is too hot and humid. Keep in mind that some parts of the park are closed from May to November due to the breeding period of the local fauna.

Getting There

Montecristo National Park is located 16 km north of a town called Metapán. The road to the entrance is in very bad condition and it may take you up to one hour to cover it. Since there is no regular transport to the park, you’ll have to negotiate with some of the local bus and pickup drivers to take you there at a fee. Usually, there aren’t any problems in convincing them.


There are no hotels at Montecristo – you’ll have to camp. The camping area inside the park is called Los Planes and consists of three campgrounds. They all have bathrooms, which are in excellent condition. A couple of cabins, suitable for families, are also available. However, if you still want to stay at a hotel, there is a 27-room hotel in Metapán called “San Jose” and there is a wide choice of hotels in San Salvador, which is just 117 km away from the park.


Once in the park, there are many sights that have to be seen, starting with the Museum of Nature at the old colonial town. You can visit to the Century Garden of Orchids, the Love Tree or El Trifinio peak and there are various hiking trails, which offer some unique views of the surrounding area. A not so common, but interesting, sight is the Plane Crash Site – you can ask some of the locals about it.

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