Things to Do in Montecristo national park

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Montecristo National Park things to do include visiting the Montecristo National Park itself, which is one of El Salvador’s many parks, and features many of nature’s wonders. With the felling of the cloud forests in El Salvador, this National Park is one of the few doing conservation work on these forests. 

Bird watching

The ever popular activity in Montecristo National Park is none other than bird watching. Home to nearly 250 different species, the Park is definitely a great place to be for bird lovers and those who enjoy nature. Here is the place where some of El Salvador’s largest conservation projects can be found – the bird breeding program here is one of the largest and most established in the country. Given the climate and the tropical nature of the forest, there are very few birds that actually migrate, allowing for a diverse range of species throughout the year consistently. Even so, opt to go in the summer, when the weather is warmer and most birds are out in the trees, calling tunefully in the green of the canopy and warmth of the El Salvadorian sun.


What would a national park be without hiking? The most interesting part about hiking in Montecristo is the wonders of nature in the form of the different landscapes that a hiker would see trekking through the greenery. Most of the park consists of cloud forests, a moist, tropical forest with a fog cover throughout it, creating a mysterious, misty effect that can often be seen in Hollywood movies. The Park also has spots of pine-oak forest, giving off wonderful scents as visitors walk through the magnificent trees, as well as the home of patches of Mexican cypress, a green, leafy tree found in these parts of the world. Walk through the beautiful rows of trees and stand silent in awe of their sheer magnificence.

Visit the Gardens

The National Park is also home to the Garden of the Hundred Years, or Jardín de los Cien Años. This is definitely a place to go for those who crave a pop of color amidst the greenery, or for visitors who simply love flowers. The Garden houses some 100 species of orchid, and serves as a research and horticulture facility for some of the breeders of these beautiful flowers. Walk through the rows of orchids and bask in their fragile loveliness, or enjoy the light waft of the pollen scent.


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