Sights in Montecristo national park

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Montecristo National Park Sights are recommended for exploring the natural, untouched splendor of the rainforests in El Salvador. This park is located along the north-eastern part of El Salvador. A short stay at the Montecristo Park provides a multitude of options worth exploring. However, visitors to the park should be prepared to endure a few hardships. Though the climate is pleasant, the extreme humidity can make the trip very demanding. Being situated at 2,500 meters above the sea-level, exploring the park needs some basic trekking skills. In certain spots, the sunlight is totally absent. This is because of the rainforest trees that are often more than 30 meters tall. Some of the most popular Montecristo National Park Sights include:

1. Montecristo National Park’s Wildlife

This park is a globally-recognized wildlife sanctuary. It is often home to conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts. Visitors can view the wildlife by booking a daytime safari. The park’s inhabitants include many endangered species of birds and animals. It houses some of wild animals endemic to Central and South America. This includes the jaguars. Though the jaguars have become a bit hard-to-spot in the last few years, they are still the most sought-after animals among the visitors. Other animals include the spiny anteaters and toucans. The park has one of the largest colonies of spider monkeys and some species of howler monkeys. Other exotic carnivores include the puma and grey foxes. This park is regarded as one of the biggest sanctuaries of native and migratory birds in the world. The native species include the striped owls and other rare species of birds like the:

  • Fulvous Owl
  • Chestnut Collared Swift
  • White-tipped Dove
  • American Kestrel
  • Singing Quail
  • Red-billed Pigeon
  • Barred Forest Falcon
  • Squirrel Cuckoo
  • Band-tailed Pigeon

2. Montecristo National Park’s Cloud Forests

Cloud forests are a rare occurrence these days due to widespread deforestation. The Montecristo complex encloses one of the few-surviving cloud forest covers in the world. The term ‘cloud forest’ refers to a unique habitat consisting of birds and animals existing in a perfectly-balanced manner with their surroundings. Nearly 70 percent of oak species found in the world are found here. There are various, smaller, cloud forest categories with the park. Among them, the El Triunfo cloud forest cover is regarded as the most significant.

3. Montecristo's Information Center & Resting Spots

Some of the area in the Montecristo Park has been reserved as a resting place for tourists. Here, visitors can put-up their hammocks and relax, before proceeding with their exploration. Most of these picnic-like spots are located around the foothills of the three, main mountains. These are the Montecristo, the Brujo and the Miramundo mountains. These safe, open-air spaces are surrounded by lush green grasses. On occasions, some of the friendly monkeys from the neighboring canopy visit this area. An important part of this resting area is the San José hacienda. It is a small, colonial complex located within the forest cover. It houses the Nature Interpretation Center. This is a great place to gather some information about the flora and fauna of the Montecristo National Park.

4. Other Montecristo National Park Sights

One of the most unusual Montecristo National Park Sights is the spectacle of three South American nations sharing a common boundary. The park is situated in a unique area. When its summit is accessed, the border of El Salvador and its neighboring nations, Honduras and Guatemala, is visible. When it isn't too clouded, the actual, fenced boundary-line from El Salvador which eventually branches out into two different directions can be clearly seen.

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