Shopping in Montecristo national park

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Montecristo National Park shopping is best around the surrounding villages and the city of Santa Ana, as the park is mainly for camping. Montecristo Cloud Forest is a national park in El Salvador. The park borders Guatamala and Honduras in addition to El Salvador. 


The villages around Montecristo are populated by the indigenous people of El Salvador. The country of El Salvador is known primarily for ceramics. The villages surrounding the area of Montecristo National Park are famous for locally produced ceramics. The products include pottery, dishware and other house hold items. The villagers create handmade ceramics from the pit firing. All wares are authentic and go into the support the villages who suffer from extreme pottery. A savvy shopper can pick up an entire dining set for their home with new cookware. In addition to the ceramics, the villagers also produce clothes, blankets and rugs. Inspired by native design, all items purchased are unique to San Salvador.

Santa Ana

The city of Santa Ana is the second largest city in El Salvador and is the gateway to Montecristo. Visitors will find at this site both malls and open air bazaars. In the bazaars, villagers from the mountains and forest come down to sell their items in the Santa. A visitor to the city markets can find beautiful ceramics and apparel from the locals.

Metrocentro Mall

Santa Ana has one of the largest shopping malls in El Salvador and Central America called the Metrocentro Mall. The center sells a variety of goods from electronics to handmade items. Some more savvy buyers go the villages to purchase ceramics from the locals and then sell them in the mall. More tourists come to this mall for that reason, as the during the winter season Montecristo park is closed due to the weather. It is easiest to get items from the mall instead of going straight to the village. The shopkeeper eliminates the risk by bring the goods to the customer. The mall also sells jewelry and other items local to El Salvador. There are a number of art galleries that sell works by local artists. Looking for a little culture, the shopper can tour the art galleries.

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