Practical Information in Montecristo national park

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Practical Information When Visiting Montecristo National Park

With Montecristo National Park practical information you will be ensured of a great vacation here. The Park can be found in the northeastern part of the Central American country of El Salvador. The Park itself is on the country's border with Honduras, with Guatemala not far to the northwest.

Weather and Climate

Weather conditions in the park are heavily dependent on the altitude you are at, getting cooler the higher you are. Temperatures can reach freezing at the highest altitudes. El Salvador experiences a wet season from May to October, with the dry season from November to April. The dry season is naturally the peak period, as the roads are best at this time of year.

Getting There

The best way of getting around El Salvador and to Montecristo National Park is either by renting a car or hiring a guide who will take you there by mini-bus for about US $12 a day, or US $60 a week. One such tour company is El Sal Biz Tours. The Park is approximately four hours' drive from San Salvador. 

Camping Permits

The Montecristo National Park is closed between April and September, but open the rest of the year and camping is permitted. You will need a permit from the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment at least 48 hours prior to your visit. You can contact the Ministry via email at for the permit, which costs between US $3 and US $6.


The currency of choice for Montecristo National Park is the US Dollar, but the local currency, the Colon, is still in circulation and exchanges at about 8.5 Colones to the Dollar. Major credit cards are accepted in most places. Tipping is an important aspect of your stay and is expected - tour guides especially!


The dominant language among the 7 million Salvadorans is Spanish, although some people speak Nahautl. Most people in Montecristo National Park, however, will make an effort to understand and communicate in English. A Spanish phrasebook is still advisable. 

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