Nightlife and Entertainment in Montecristo national park

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The Montecristo National Park may be a park and haven for nature lovers, but that does not discount the fact that it is also a place for Montecristo National Park nightlife and Entertainment. Below are some highlights of the nightlife in Montecristo National Park:

Night Hiking

A popular activity among adrenalin junkies, night hiking in Montecristo National Park can be a thrill that should be experienced by those who enjoy nature and the things it brings. Hire a local guide at your hotel, or simply find one touting at the entrance of tourist destinations, and get ready to have a good long walk in the middle of the night through the things that seem familiar in the day. Admittedly, the National Park is a different world at night – the birds are gone, as are the familiar green surroundings, and replacing them are the chirps of crickets and a woody scent of the pine. Be very careful to hire a local guide, though, as the forest can be quiet and dangerous in the night, particularly with animals looming around.

Enjoy Some Music

The National Park is home to some rivers and lakes, and the best way to enjoy them at night is to take a little stroll around them and enjoy the fragrance of the evening air. A particularly popular activity amongst tourists, backpackers in particular, is to spend these evenings with newly made local friends and music. The music of El Salvador is a Latin infused rhythm, with a strong samba influence, allowing for a good night of dancing and singing. This is good for those who do not enjoy the stuffy environment of pubs. Round up some local friends, arm yourself with a guitar, portable heater and some food, then take a trip down to the riverside where the fun really begins.

Take a Jeep Ride

Another way to enjoy the National Park at night is to engage a jeep and go on an exhilarating journey through the cloud forests that the park is so famous for. Jeeps are available for rental from private companies or from hotels, like the local guides, and come at a sightly more expensive rate. But, all will be worth it, particularly for those who do not enjoy walking through the jungles in the middle of the night. Take in all the same sights, sounds and smells as you whiz through the leaves and trees in the wee hours of the morning, and do a thorough exploration of the park in the quiet of the night.

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