Hotels in Montecristo national park

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The Montecristo National Park in El Salvador also borders Guatemala and Honduras. The Monetcristo Nation Park is home to a great variety of flora and fauna. Some of the rare animal species like the spider monkey, toucans, striped owls and pumas can be spotted in this park. The park is also known for its exotic species of birds and bird watching is a favorite activity here. There are also great many plants in this national park from Mexico and Central America. Some of the best conifers can be found in this region. Situated approximately 177 km from the El Salvador international airport, this park is easily accessible by road. The park is closed from April to September to visitors. During this season, the guests can enjoy the scenic beauty forest area surrounding the park. Given below are some of the Montecristo National Park hotels.

Montecristo National Park

There are no hotels present in Montecristo National Park, only camping is allowed here. If you are an outdoors person and love camping, then you should try camping at the Montecristo National Park amidst nature. Camping facilities are available at the park for interested individuals. Cabins are also available for families. Care should be taken not to wander off into the woods as it is easy to get lost here. Cooking burners, gas stoves and outdoor barbeque grills are available to rent for US$35 per night. Camping sites are also available to rent starting from US$3 per night. If you are traveling in a group and want to stay together within the parks premises then you can rent the dorm beds in an old colonial house situated at the entrance of the park starting from US$10. The colonial house has a huge front porch which is surrounded by several trees, making it a perfect place to sit and relax. These accommodation arrangements will have to be made well in advance.

Hotel San Jose

If you are very particular about staying in a hotel then you will find the nearest hotel in the city of Metapan, Santa Ana, El Salvador. The city of Metapan is just 15 minutes away from Montecristo National Park. This is the most convenient place to stay if you are headed to or back from Monetcristo National Park. The hotel is situated close to a bus terminal and has several pickup trucks available to rent which will take you to Montecristo National Park. You can choose from 27 rooms available here, which are neat and tidy, starting from US$35. You also have access to a hot private bath, air-conditioning and television in your room.

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