Getting Around in Montecristo national park

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Finding Transportation to Get to Montecristo National Park

When it comes to the Montecristo National Park transportation is going to be somewhat of a challenge. The park can be found 16 kilometers north of the town Metapan. The road to the entrance of the National Park is in poor condition, but it can still be used. Keep in mind it may take you around an hour to cover it. This will lead you to the entrance to Montecristo National Park.

Montecristo National Park Road Conditions

The main reason the roads are not in good condition is the heavy rains the National Park receives on a continual basis. The temperature averages around 6 and 18 degrees Celsius during day and evening, and the humidity level can reach 100 percent at times. Although there is a large amount of rain, the clouds hang low and create some of the most amazing views you will come across during your travels. If you don't drive yourself, getting to and from the National Park is not a mammoth task. There are plenty of local buses and taxis to take and fetch you from the entrance of the park for a small fee.

Montecristo National Park Entering the Park and Accommodations

To get into Montecristo National Park, you will need to obtain permission slips from the Ministry of National Resources before beginning your excursion into the National Park. The guards will not let you in at the entrance if you cannot produce one.

There is no accommodation inside the park itself, so you have to camp at the main camping grounds called Los Planes which include three camping areas. There are bathroom facilities which are said to be in good condition. There are also a handful of cabins available for those who come with small families.

However, if the need to stay in a hotel is too strong, there is the 27-room hotel in the heart of Metapan called “San Jose” as well as a larger number of hotels to choose from in the city San Salvador, which is one hundred and 17 kilometers away from the Montecristo National Park.

Once you are in the park, you will find there are many things to view, such as the Museum of Nature and the Plane Crash Site.

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