Festivals in Montecristo national park

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Traveling to El Salvador can give you the opportunity to enjoy the Montecristo National Park festivals. There are festivals held year round where you can experience culture and fun while you are staying near the park.

Fiestas Julias

The Fiestas Julias Festival is full of cultural events, street parades, and honors the Santa Ana patron saint. The festival is held in July and you can find a number of different activities to participate in during the time of the festival. You can enjoy the many bright costumes and celebrations that take place in the area and join in on the fun at the festival.

Fiestas Agostinas

The Fiestas Agostinas festival is held in the first week of August, and you can see many sports tournaments, art exhibitions, the theater, food fairs, and many other events that you can see during the festival. If you are planning your trip to El Salvador, you can enjoy this event as one of the Montecristo National Park Festivals. There are also many local artists that come to display their work and fun exhibits that you can see during the festival.

San Miguel Carnival

The San Miguel Carnival is held near the National Park and is held in November of every year. The city comes alive with dancing, parades, and many activities that you can enjoy. It is one of the largest parties that is held each year and many people come to celebrate with plenty of activities and events to attend during the carnival. You can find a lot of great sights and places to explore and enjoy.

All Saints Day

The All Saints Day Festival is held in November and celebrates the nationwide celebration of religions and saints throughout the nation. The festival is full of feasts, parades and celebrations to honor the saints and bring joy to the country. If you are going to be traveling in November, you may want to stop and make this one of the Montecristo National Park festivals that you attend.

Holy Week in El Salvador

The Holy Week celebration takes place in San Salvador each year in March and April. The festivals are held between Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday and are some of the most popular festivals that you can find. Many people from the area join in for the events that take place in El Salvador. There are plenty of activities that you can watch and enjoy while you are in city.

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