Eating Out in Montecristo national park

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There are nearby Montecristo National Park restaurants that you can go to after spending the day exploring this national park in El Salvador. Since there are no eating and sleeping facilities in and around the park, your best bet is to eat in the towns or cities near Montecristo National Park.

Most of the restaurants and eateries near the national park are located a few miles away from the forest itself, particularly in San Salvador.

Las Cofraidas Restaurante

Las Cofraidas Restaurante is a restaurant in San Salvador which is about 4 hours from the Montecristo National Park. This restaurant serves local cuisine and is one of the local hangouts with its casual atmosphere. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but one of their main features is their buffet. The buffet features local dishes that you should not miss out on. Their buffet has different kinds of tamales, stews and yuccas cooked in different ways, pupusas, a wide variety of salads, as well as desserts and fruits. Las Cofraidas Restaurante is located in Colonia Escalon.

El Sopon Tipico

Another must try restaurant after exploring Montecristo National Park is the El Sopon Tipico. This restaurant serves traditional El Salvadorian cuisine. If you are a little adventurous, you can order one of their more exotic local cuisines. The restaurant also offers a selection of seafood cocktails including the traditional shrimp cocktail and the more exotic ones like the ones made from conchas and testicles. El Sopon Tipico also serve a wide variety of soups, appetizers, beef and seafood dishes. The restaurant is located behind the Galeon Escalon in San Salvador.

Café Baguette Lido

Café Baguette Lido is a great place to grab some breakfast before you head out to Montecristo National Park. This bakery is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You should try their sandwiches with bread made fresh every day. Their sandwiches range from light to regular sandwiches. You can choose to have salmon in your sandwich, turkey breast or pesto chicken. You can choose to have fries, potato salad or plain salad with your sandwich. This eatery is open Monday to Saturday, but serves only breakfast and lunch on Sunday. 

Dulce y Salado Restaurant

Dulce y Salado Restaurant, located in Colonia Escalon, is a locally operated restaurant that serves both international and local cuisines. Although the decoration in the restaurant is an acquired taste, with its hanging plants, doily decorations and opera music, the food is something to look forward to. They feature vegetarian dishes including quiches, salads and vegetable empanadas. The restaurant is open for breakfast to dinner from Monday to Saturday, but only serves lunch and dinner on Sunday.

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