Hotels in El Salvador

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The best El Salvador hotels to stay in are going to vary based on what part of the city you're going to be visiting. However, you can find a great hotel for a great price in just about any city if you take the time to look around. Well-known tourist destinations are going to have higher nightly rates than other ones.

InterContinental Hotels Real San Salvador

If you're staying in San Salvador and looking for a hotel that is located near a large shopping center, this is the place for you. The hotel offers an excellent breakfast that features a variety of Central American dishes. The only downfall to the hotel is how small the pool is, which makes doing laps or enjoying a leisurely swim nearly impossible. Rooms begin at $156 a night.

Comfort Inn Real San Miguel

If you're staying in San Miguel, your hotel choices are going to be very limited because of how small the city is. The Comfort Inn provides you with a traditional Salvadorian breakfast each morning, but you can also order a custom-made omelet. Across the street from the hotel is a large shopping center, which gives you the chance to purchase any souvenirs that you're looking for. Rooms at this hotel average $65 a night.

Entre Pinos Hotel & Resort

If you are traveling in San Ignacio with family you will want to stay at the Entre Pinos Hotel & Resort. The hotel provides their guests with bicycles and horses that they can rent to ride around the grounds, which include plenty of green and beautiful nature areas. The restaurant in the hotel serves European dishes as well as local dishes, so there is something for everyone. Rooms start around $130 a night.

Hotel Posada El Encanto

If you are looking for a hotel in Juayua that is away from the noise of the main city you will want to check out Hotel Posada El Encanto. Like many other hotels in El Salvador, breakfast is included in the price of the room. The breakfast could be improved upon, but the food is great for the price. Rooms start at just $40 a night.

Rancho Estero y Mar

If you are in San Luis Talpa, you will want to stay at least one night at the Rancho Estero y Mar. If you're staying in the hotel, be aware of the daily minimum charge for the restaurant, whether you eat there or not. The hotel is located along the beachfront and provides wonderful wooden walkways that allow you to walk over the lagoon; you can also rent a kayak to further explore the lagoon. Rooms here average $126 a night.

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