Festivals in El Salvador

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Choosing the best time to go to El Salvador could be when the country is having one of the fun El Salvador festivals that are held every year. You can find a number of fun festivals that you may want to attend and choose to plan your trip when they are going on in the country.

El Salvador Independence Day

This holiday is celebrated on September 15th of each year. It is a festive time in the country, and there are many public celebrations. You will be able to see the displays of heritage and culture during this time, and it is a fun celebration to be a part of.

Panchimalco Flower and Palm Festival

This festival is held in May of every year, and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful displays of flowers and palms that are set up throughout the country. There is a lot of music and entertainment during this time, and you can be a part of it by watching the performances and enjoying the culture.

Fiestas Agostinas

This festival is held in the month of August each year and has a variety of sport tournaments, art exhibitions, theater, food fairs, and many other events that you can enjoy while staying in El Salvador. You can find that this is one of the most popular El Salvador festivals and there are many events that you can enjoy.

Balls of Fire Festival

This festival is held August 31st of every year in the city of Nejapa in El Salvador. You will see painted faces and fire balls hurled in the streets, and it is a great way to experience the culture of El Salvador. The festival attracts many people to watch the events and those who want to participate.

Celebrations of San Salvador

The first week in August of every year, you will be able to see many festive occasions in El Salvador. This is the week that everyone celebrates the country, and there are a number of activities that are going on. If you want to see plenty of entertainment, arts, culture and food, you can choose this festival as one of the El Salvador festivals that you want to see. There are many places in the country that celebrate each day of the week, so you will be able to see many different customs and events if you travel to El Salvador for this festival (and stay in the country to enjoy the fun).

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