Beaches in El Salvador

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Unlike most of the Central American coast, El Salvador does not have Atlantic Coastline; it has only Pacific Coastline. El Salvador Beaches are known in all of Latin America for suitability for surfing. The warm water, tranquil atmosphere and the wavy sea shores surely will engross the minds of the travelers.

La Libertad

El Puerto de la Libertad region in El Salvador boasts of a string of great beaches that are ideal for surfing. La Libertad is the most popular beach among surfers in that part of the continent. La Punta break in this beach is known worldwide among the professional surfers. La Libertad is also known for its excellent sea foods. Once a year it observes a gastronomical festival. If you happen to visit La Libertad during that time, surely you will cherish all the delicacies.

Playa El Sunzal

Situated near the La Libertad Beach, Playa El Sunzal is much less visited among the Puerto de la Libertad beaches. If you have budget constraint and still want to enjoy the beauty and calmness of a Central American pacific beach, then Playa El Sunzal is the place for you. This black glittering sandy beach is a great place to lazily spend your day. There are a number of good restaurants offering delectable sea foods. This beach is also good for new surfers, as the waves are of less height and wind speed is less.

Costa Del Sol

Costa del Sol is the most popular beach among the high end travelers. This black sandy beach is blessed with an exceptional natural beauty. The costliest and up market beach resorts can be found in and around this beach. The beach trio of Costa Del Sol, San Marcelino and Los Blancos will definitely make your holiday a peaceful and luxurious one.

Playa El Cuco

Playa El Cuco is a beach which offers everything an El Salvador beach can offer. The dark sandy beach is lined with surfer equipment, huts and great seafood restaurants. The shaggy palm trees flanking the shoreline add an extra dimension to the overall beauty. This beach is one of the best in all of El Salvador for surfing.

Playa San Diego

Playa San Diego is located to the south of La Libertad. This white sandy beach is the diamond among the black sandy beaches of El Salvador. Unlike most of the beaches in El Salvador, this beach has fewer breaks and it is less windy. Hence this beach is not good for surfing purpose. Rather, you can indulge in swimming and boating across the clear turquoise water of this beach. You can also bask in sunbathing, as the equatorial sun makes this beach an ideal spot for sunbathing all around the year.

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costa del sol,El Salvador

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find the aquafun located in la costa del sol.El salvador


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Playa EL Espino

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Playa El Espino is located in beautiful Usulutan....Playa El Espino has a long shore filled with black sand, it's about a 45 minute drive from Usulutan, Usulutan. Playa El Espino is filled with many restaurants to choose from...vendors come long the shore and sell souvenirs, fresh fruit and don't forget the watery coconuts. In the early morning, fisherman come in from sea and sell fresh fish. Playa El Espino os one of the best beaches in El Salvador guaranteed. 

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