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Once known as the coffee republic, El Salvador is the smallest country of Central America, and has the highest population density. In the 1980's  it was ravaged by a bloody civil war between the goverment and the socialist left wing guerillas, which tore the whole country apart in civil strife. Since then, it has made considerable progress and it is a quite stable country now.

El Salvador got its independence from Spain in September 15, 1821 together with the other Central American countries. When these provinces were joined with Mexico in early 1822 El Salvador resisted, insisting on autonomy for the Central American countries. Although there was considerable pressure it has managed to stay a sovereign nation ever since.

San Salvador is the capital city. It is a modern city; the old capital was destroyed by an earthquake in 1854. Santa Ana is the second largest city of the country. It is only 50 km from the capital and lies in a rich coffee growing region on the slopes of the Santa Ana volcano. It is an attractive town with many old buildings. Excursions can be made to Lake Coatepeque and Chalchuapa.

Here are a few facts:

Full country name: Republic of El Salvador

Area: 20,752 sq km

Population: 6.59 million

People: 94% mestizo (Spanish-Indian), 5% Indian, 1% European descent

Language: English, Spanish; Castilian Spanish

Religion: 75% Roman Catholic, 20% Protestant

Government: Republic form

Currency:  $ US dollar (official)


This El Salvador Travel Guide is a true reflection of the various unique El Salvador offering. Plan your vacation based on this and you are sure to have an unforgettable trip. Read on to find out more.

Getting There

El Salvador has an International airport in Comalapa. This airport is located 45 minutes away from the city. TACA is El Salvador's national airlines. It had frequent flight to and from several Central American countries. It also operates between North and South America. The airline is efficient and dependable. Several other airlines like American Airlines, Delta and Continental fly to this destination. Make sure to compare fares before you book you tickets to El Salvador. Also bear in mind that an additional $34 will be charged as departure tax, so inquire if the rates quoted by airlines include this fee.


Get ready to be a part of the entire Eco tourism band wagon. El Salvador offers various breathtaking tours of the volcanoes and mountains that surround this region. El Salvador is blessed with pristine beaches and lush green forests. Visit the national park in Bosque El and explore the fishing village in the island of Mendez. Observe the Mayan sites and the pyramid in Tazumal. The capital city of San Salvador is a great place to explore the modern day El Salvador.


El Salvador is a perfect tourist destination, for it offers several stay options that fits every traveler’s budget. From city hotels, beach resorts to budget hotels and backpackers facilities, this place has it all. If you are looking at staying in the city then the best option would be the Holiday Inn, Hilton, Comfort Inn or Siesta hotel. For a beach resort experience, head to the Pacific paradise, Tesoro Beach or Las Hojas. The hostel El Roble is a famous backpacker’s paradise.  


El Salvador offers several international cuisines. The dining and restaurant scene is dominated by French, Italian, Chinese, American and several other world cuisines. You will also find Middle Eastern food like the hummus and pita bread here. Several fast food restaurants like KFC, McDonald's, Pizza hut and Burger King have a strong hold in El Salvador.


After sunset, El Salvador transforms into one big party Zone. The one mile strip of land in La Zona Rosa is famous for its night clubs, bars, pubs and other entertainment zones that go on until the break of dawn. Las Terrazas is a night club that should not be missed. There are several pubs and bars inside the malls around El Salvador.


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