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Roger Carmona

Roger Carmona

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San José is the capital of Costa Rica. It is located in Costa Rica's Central valley and very much the center of things - politically, economically and physically speaking. If you want to visit different parts of the country you will probably be passing by a couple of times. The capital is a busy place, but still quite laid back. It is a fine city for walking tours. Among the most important San José, sights to visit are the National Theater, the giant cathedral, the Gold Museum, the Jade Museum, the Children's Museum and National Museum. The Simon Bolivar Zoo is a great place to visit to get a taste of the animals you may see on your adventures into rainforests outside of the capital. San José is also a good place for food and shopping. But nowhere is the spirit and feel of San José and its people more evident than in the public parks, squares and markets. Spreading like fingers all throughout the city, this is where the common people of the city congregate to trade stories and opinions about everything from the weather to the failings of the current president. Joséfinos are proud of their country and their city and they aren't afraid to tell you what is wrong and how to fix it. It is a beautiful place to go!

Among the things to do around San José are the one day tours such as the Rain Forest Aerial Tram, volcanoes, river rafting and the town of Sarchí, where visitors will find handicrafts and souvenirs.  


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