Beaches in Manuel Antonio

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Surfing enthusiasts around the world travel to Jaco's Hermosa Beach for its notorious breaks. Unlike these pros, most of us need calmer shores to either learn to surf or practice our skills. The beaches of Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica offer the perfect setting with more manageable surf breaks. At Manuel Antonio, you will find the Manuel Antonio National Park is the most noticeable landmark. This national park is surrounded by a series of beaches: North Espadilla Beach, South Espadilla Beach, Manuel Antonio Beach, Puerto Escondido Beach and Playitas Beach. According to the local authorities, all of these beaches are safe for swimming, great for diving, exploring coral reefs and surfing.

Manuel Antonio Beach

At Manuel Antonio Beach, you'll find the Manuel Antonio Surf School (MASS) that has been providing quality surf instructions since 2004. With offices onQuepos on the main road to Manuel Antonio, you can make reservations at +506 2777-4842. Lessons start at $65 and private lessons are available as well. Bilingual instructors (English and Spanish) will provide demonstrations before you even get into the water and they will always accompany at all times inside and outside of the water. Fresh fruit and cold drinks are included in the price. The MASS is the only surfing school in Costa Rica to be insured 100 per cent by the Instituto Nacional de Seguros for its personnel and students.

North Espadilla Beach, South Espadilla Beach and Playitas Beach

If you're planning to spend most of your time at these 3 beaches, your best option to stay is the Arenas del Mar Beach and Nature Resort, equipped with 38 quiet and spacious rooms and suites. North and South Espadilla beaches have natural rock outcroppings protecting warm tide pools and where tropical shore birds are seen to roost. The Arenas del Mar Beach and Nature Resort offers an electric car shuttle between the hotel and the Espadilla Beach grounds and has installed bathroom facilities within 100 meters from the entrance to the beach.

Playitas Beach is located at Punta Quepos, a peninsula with a primary forest and interesting rock formations. This beach used to be a clothing optional beach before the existence of the hotel but current Costa Rican law requires all of its guests to wear a bathing suit at all times. However, be aware that there still might be some nude bathers at the far end of the beach.

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