Sights in Bermuda

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Bermuda might be a small island but there are still some terrific tourist sights to see. Bermuda is historically famous for being a safe haven for a fleet of colonial ships caught in a storm. The crew and passengers of the ships were stranded there for ten months before they set sail for Jamestown in two new ships they assembled from materials found on the island.


Bermuda Botanical Gardens

The Bermuda Botanical Gardens are sixteen acres of lush gardens, maintained year round for your viewing pleasure. You will see flora native to this island including palms, hibiscus, and fruit trees. There are green houses with orchid displays and a garden for the blind with showcases especially fragrant flowers. Admission is free and tours are free on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.


Golf Courses

Golf fanatics will love the island of Bermuda. There are more golf courses per square mile in Bermuda than in any country in the world. With that many golf courses to choose from it’s difficult to be disappointed.


Gibbs Hill Lighthouse

A bird’s eye view of Bermuda awaits you; all you have to do is climb 185 steps. There are two lighthouses in Bermuda. Gibbs Hill Lighthouse is the taller and more historic of the two. This lighthouse was built in 1844 and is known as the oldest cast iron lighthouse in the world. The view is always spectacular and in March, April and May see if you can spot the migrating whales.



Bermuda is famous for its divine beaches. Most popular is Horseshoe Beach. It’s packed with sunbathers in the summertime, but in the winter it is gloriously empty and is a great place to relax and read a book. Horseshoe Beach has all the amenities for beach goers including restrooms and showers. An alternative to Horseshoe Beach is either Hungry Bay or Elbow Beach. Hungry Bay is scenic and had lusciously warm water. Elbow Beach is on the south shore of Bermuda and offers a vast array of luxury accommodations.


WindReach Recreational Village


WindReach Recreational Village is a wonderful special needs accessible tourist attraction that offers sights to see for people of all ages. There is a petting zoo with friendly animals like parrots, rabbits, goats and sheep. There is also an activity center which houses the musical enrichment events and Seniors Teas. The sensory trail and raised gardens are designed to be accessable to everyone. This incredible facility opened in 1989, by its benefactor Mr. Alexander (Sandy) J. Mitchell, MBE.




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