Practical Information in Bermuda

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Bermuda is a great place to visit, but the cost of living is high and is reflected in the fees you pay as a visitor.  


The currency used in Bermuda is the Bermuda Dollar. You can exchange money at the Bank of Bermuda which has branches at the airport and at cruise ship docks in Hamilton and St. George. They will exchange traveler’s checks up to US$500 for US dollars, Canadian dollars and British Pound free of any service charge. If you do more than $500 in one transaction be prepared to pay a 1% commission. U.S. dollars are commonly accepted at par including taxi drivers on the trip in from the airport.

Traveling Necessities

Americans and Canadians wishing to go to Bermuda will need a round trip ticket and a passport. British Citizens need a passport only if they are staying for up to 30 days.

Bermuda Hotels

Expect service charges and taxes to be the norm in Bermuda. Hotel rooms are rare at BD$100 per night and mid range hotels will cost you somewhere around BD$200 or more. Typically, if a hotel says the room costs $50 it will end up costing you more after taxes and charges.

Food and Dining

Food is expensive in Bermuda as well because it all has to be imported. Expect food to cost you about 50% more than it does in the United States. Make sure your largest meal of the day is lunch because most restaurants in Bermuda offer great deals for lunch.

The usual restaurant tip is 15% and is occassionally added to your bill by the restaurant. Hotels usually put a 10% service charge on the final room bill that handles tips to hotel staff. Taxi drivers will expect a 10% tip.

Accepted Methods of Payment

There are ATM’s all over Bermuda and they accept Cirrus and Plus System cards plus MasterCard and Visa Credit Cards. These credit cards are accepted by most stores and restaurants as is the American Express card. Watch the smaller hotels as some do not accept credit cards at all. Ask before you book your reservation.

Medical Services

Should you need medical attention while in Bermuda the King Edward VII Memorial Hospital on Point Finger Road in Paget Parish is the one to go to. 911 is the number to call for emergencies. Make sure your medical insurance will cover you in Bermuda as most will not.

Customs and Goods

Coming home Americans can bring back $400 worth of goods duty free and Canadians $300. Citizens of the United Kingdom can return with goods worth £28. All must pay a $20 departure tax when leaving Bermuda.

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The local currency is the Bermuda Dollar (BMD)

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