Things to do in Hamilton (Capital City)

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In Hamilton things to do include visiting caves, going horseback riding and touring through perfumeries. This quaint city is a mix between colonial British charm and modern amenities. It has a small population but has been visited by tourists for centuries. Hamilton houses many of the government offices and is a financial center. There is an abundance of restaurants, shops and cafes along the streets bringing the area to life.

Crystal Caves

The Crystal Caves are situated in Wilkinson Avenue. The caves were discovered in 1907 and since then they have become a popular tourist attraction. The caves boast magnificent stalagmites and stalactites. Natural cave pools are accessible by a bridge. Some of the pools at the bottom of the cave are 55 feet deep and the water source is the ocean. Tours through the caves are available. Tours offer historical information on the caves and more information on cave formations. At the on-site cafe, visitors can enjoy a variety of refreshments. This is an activity suited for the whole family as it is fun and educational. There is an admission fee with discounts available for children. Near the cave are facilities such as a shop where you can buy a souvenir of your trip to the cave.

Bermuda Perfume Factory

The Perfume Factory was opened in 1928 and it has grown from a small establishment into a profitable factory covering 6 acres. After World War II ended, tourists frequented the perfumery and the perfumeries prosperity grew. The perfumery was moved to its current location by the Brackstone family. The perfumery maintains many of its traditions and has employed the same perfumer for the last 43 years. The perfumeries current location in a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which means that guests can enjoy walking through the natural surroundings and admiring the various types of flowers. Tours offer more information on the perfumery and how perfume is made. There is no entrance fee. Visitors can also take a look at the on-site perfumery museum. At the end of your visit you can choose from an array of perfumes to buy.

Horseback Riding

Take an exciting horse ride on a variety of trails through sand dunes and breath taking scenery. There are horses to suit all experience levels and knowledgeable guides will lead the way. It is also possible to book a private ride. Spicelands Riding enter is one of the top class riding establishments in the area.

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