History in Hamilton (Capital City)

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Hamilton history goes back to the 18th century. It is the main port for Bermuda which is situated in the Caribbean region of Central America. It is also the capital of the country and serves as an offshore domicile for many foreign companies.

History of Hamilton

Hamilton’s history began in 1790 when the then government of Bermuda set aside 145 acres of land for a future capital, and this was further ratified by an Act of Parliament in 1793. The earlier capital of the country was in St. George and this was then shifted to Hamilton in 1815. So the city of Hamilton has been the political heart of the company for almost 3 centuries. It also has a military base located there. The city overlooks the harbor and is primarily a business district with the Hamilton Cathedral remaining a prominent part of the city. There was an earlier restriction on building heights which prevented any structures from being built that could obscure the view of the Cathedral, but this stricture has since been lifted. Hamilton was named after Sir Henry Hamilton who was the governor of this Caribbean island from 1778 to 1794. There was an earlier parish of Hamilton located in the same area which predated this, so how the city got its name could be a matter of debate. While there has been a British influence on the city of Hamilton which is as a result of almost 4 centuries of British colonial influence, the city is highly Americanized. This could be a result of long established trade, cultural and social influences brought about from the constant interaction with Americans and American business. The country of Bermuda was originally named after its first Spanish discoverers and though Spain did not lay claim to the island, the island itself became a navigational landmark for ships crossing over from the Europe to the newer American continent. However, in 1609 Admiral Sir George Somers was shipwrecked on the island and later laid claim to the island before leaving it. It is said that Shakespeare’s play ‘The Tempest’ was based on the experience of the castaways who came to the island with the first British sailors. There was some effort made by the Virginia Company to grow commercial crops to exploit the colony, but the poor natural conditions caused this venture to failure and Hamilton and Bermuda continued to depend heavily on food imported from America.

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