Hamilton (Capital City) Travel Guide

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If you're planning a trip to Bermuda, this Hamilton Capital Travel Guide should be of help to you. Hamilton is one of the smallest capital cities in the entire world; in fact, it's more like a charming little town, with approximately 15,000 people. But although it's considered a small city, it is home to many attractions and government offices. It was named after a former governor of the area, Henry Hamilton, and remains a very historic and quintessential place. Anyone who visits Bermuda cannot help but go to Hamilton, as it is truly the focal point of the entire island.

Around the City

Hamilton is so much more than a tropical destination; it has been called a "paradise of relaxation," but with "classic style." Within the city you'll find pristine buildings of pastel colors boasting perfectly landscaped yards and gardens, and along the coastline roads you'll see beautifully kept beaches of light pink sands. There are plenty of places to shop duty-free on Front Street, as well as many restaurants and taverns to visit. The beaches offer perfect places to walk, snorkel, scuba dive, surf or even play golf.

Hamilton Attractions

Visit Fort Hamilton to get an amazing view of the harbor and island landscape. The Victorian fortress was built in the mid-19th century during a time when Britain and the United States were not quite seeing eye-to-eye. Another interesting attraction to see is the Bermuda Underwater Exploration Institute. Just a brisk walk from downtown Hamilton, the institute is used for deep water explorations of the surrounding areas. While visiting there, you can also climb aboard the dive simulator and pretend to deep-water dive down 12,500 feet to the Bermuda Sea Mount. 

Currency, Language and Weather

When traveling to Hamilton Bermuda, there will be no need to exchange your US money if you don't wish to. The Bermudian dollar is the straight equivalent to the US dollar, which is accepted everywhere on the island. English is one of the primary languages spoken in Bermuda, so there's no need to bring along any type of translation dictionary. The climate in Hamilton, Bermuda is subtropical and relatively mild; you won't have to worry about the steamy humidity or rainy seasons as you do on some of the other islands of the Caribbean. Temperatures average in the 80's during the summer time and then scale down to the 60's or 70's during the winter and early spring months of November to March.

Hamilton is the administrative, commercial, shopping and entertainment centre of Bermuda. There are two movie theatres, several night clubs and the main Post Office. A port city, cruise ships dock right on the side of Front Street, the main thoroughfare. Start your journey around Hamilton on Front Street to discover the luxurious department stores, liquor stores, gift shops and banks. The Vistors Service Bureau is also located here. You could even get a horse and buggy ride. (Look near the Cruise berths)

On Wednesday evenings in season, Harbor Nights attracts a multitude of street vendors and a party atmosphere.

The bus terminal is located here for buses around the island.

Don't miss the Birdcage, where Bermudian policeman stand and direct the traffic. They are noted for their distinctive uniform, which is similar to the British style but adapted to the heat!

There are a couple of small parks, including Albuoy's Point.


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