Getting Around in Bermuda

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Collection of Tourists in Bermuda

Collection of Tourists in Bermuda

Getting around in Hamilton might be easier than you think. There are various methods of Hamilton Transportation. The first thing you should consider is that renting a car in Bermuda is not legal. Unless you have a Bermuda license it is not legal to drive a rental car or any other vehicle with four or more wheels.


Taxis are a easy way to travel in Hamilton but keep in mind it is also an expensive way to travel. Finding a taxi shouldn't be a hard task as there are approximately 25 taxis per square mile.

The Bus

Riding the public bus in Hamilton is another fairly easy way to get around. There are some things you should know prior to riding the bus. If the pole next to the bus stop is pink then the bus is traveling towards the city of Hamilton. If the pole is blue then the bus will be traveling away from Hamilton. Make sure to have a bus ticket or change on you as the buses do not take dollar bills.


Bicycles are a great way to explore Hamilton. You will find several companies renting bicycles and safety gear. During the summer the temperatures are very hot and it can get very humid out. Riding a bicycle is not recommended in Bermuda if you are not used to the summer climate and don't exercise regularly.

Mopeds and Scooters

Renting a scooter or moped is a fun way to get around. If you do rent a moped or scooter make sure to get all the required safety gear. It is illegal to ride without a helmet.

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