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Rio Chinchipe . . .. by Mr. Rony

Rio Chinchipe . . .. by Mr. Rony

Rio Chinchipe . . .. by Mr. Rony

The World Culture Club has fantastic reggae music and dancing Thurs, Fri and Sat (nov. thru may).  The La Loma Luz Hospital across the river in Santa Elena is one of the 2 best hospitals in the country. The 2 pools are at the San Ignacio Hotel and Green Heaven.

Don't go to "Superdome" bar. Very shady.

"Punta" is the official music of Belize. It sounds like reggae on speed. Punta bands often play at the Blue Angel across from the Green Dragon internet cafe.  To dance punta properly, one must move the lower body rapidly to the  beat while keeping the upper body still. Kinda hard. Locals might laugh at you. 

Eva's Resturaunt, owned by Bob Jones, is known as the "Archaeologist Centre of the Universe" to students and Archaeologists that work in the area. The food is great, try the chili.

The site "Cahal Pech" is San Ignacio's very own claim to ancient Mayan civilization. Take a taxi or beware the rigorous walk up the hill to the visitor centre.  Cahal Pech has several temple complexes, ancient ballcourts and plazas to roam around in.  Every year a group of students excavates there. Nearby, the newest tourist addition, Cahal Pech Resort, is a luxurious place to stay (compared to most) and also has a pool.

Take the bus in San Ignacio to Succotz, at town about 5 miles away. There you can visit the Mayan ceremonial site, Xunantunich.

Canoeing down the Macal River is spectacular.

From San Ignacio you can arrange tours to archeological sites and caves or to visit the Pine Ridge Forest Reserve and Caracol.


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