Mountain pine ridge forest preserve Travel Guide

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The Mountain Pine Ridge is 300 square miles of forest reserve that is south of the Western Highway in the Cayo District. Access to the reserve is via the Chiquibul Road from Georgeville or via the Cristo Rey Road from Santa Elena Town, just east of San Ignacio Town. The Mountain Pine Ridge is home to the Hidden Valley Falls (1,000 Foot-Falls), the Rio On River, the Rio Pools, and the Rio Frio Cave and Nature Trail, as well as numerous small streams and waterfalls. Besides offering magnificent vistas, the cooler temperatures, along with a refreshing swim, can provide a welcome respite to the travel weary tourist. For those who are going to the Maya Ruins at Caracol and/or the Chiquibul Rain Forest, the Mountain Pine Ridge offers a very picturesque drive to your ultimate destination.

The pine bark beetle decimated the pine forests from 99-03.  The Rio On and Five Sisters pools are beyond compare for a dip (although they can be dangerous).  Rio Frio cave is spectacular, and never dark (open at both ends).

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