Things to do in Belize city

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Belize is a majestic peninsula city in the Caribbean. With its legendary, multicultural communities, this place offers plenty of Belize City Things to do. The city is considered one of the most popular tourist destinations, as well as one of the most important commercial towns in Central America.

Baron Bliss Memorial and Fort George Lighthouse

One of the first things to do in Belize City is to take a walk along the Fort George Radisson site, where you will find the Fort George Lighthouse and Baron Bliss Memorial. The Fort George Lighthouse is a popular landmark in this city. Since the Baron Bliss Memorial is located right next to the Fort George Lighthouse, you can easily visit both places at once. The Baron Bliss Memorial was built in honor of Henry Edward Ernest Victor Bliss; a wealthy British Baron who donated a huge quantity of money to the people of Belize.

Government House and House of Culture

The Government House used to be the office and residence of Belize’s governor general. The House of Culture is an elegant and luxurious mansion that showcases antique furniture, silverware and glassware, as well as modern sculpture and paintings from well known Belizean artists. The Government House and House of Culture also host special events, art shows and concerts.

Hugh Parkey's Dive Connection

One of the best things to do in Belize City is to go diving, and places like the Lighthouse Atoll, Truneffe Atoll and the Barrier Reef are some of the best places to do so. You can also stop at Hugh Parkey's Dive Connection and try out some of the other activities that are available like kayaking, snorkeling, boating, and wildlife watching.

Maritime and Coastal Zone Museums

A trip to the Maritime and Coastal Zone Museum is another great thing to do in Belize. This museum houses an excellent collection of local fish and marine life. The museum also has a wide collection of past and present boat models. A visit to this museum is highly recommended.

Image Factory Art Foundation and Gallery

The Image Factory Art Foundation and Gallery is located a few steps away from the Maritime Museum. The gallery exhibits artwork form both local and international artists. You will find several books and literary works from some of the best Belizean authors here at the gallery. You can spend an afternoon here at the gallery enjoying the fine artwork of highly talented artists.


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