Festivals in Belize city

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There are a lot of Belize City Festivals to be enjoyed throughout the year. The majority of these vibrant celebrations are held around the independence day of Belize, which is on September 21. Before you visit the very eclectic Belize City, be sure to check out all of the festivities that are held during your stay. You may even want to plan your trip around certain festivals that sound interesting to you.

Independence Day Festival and the National September Celebrations

From the beginning of September until Independence Day on September 21st, colorful festivities called the National September Celebrations are held. There are traditional dance events to attend, local foods and dishes to try, lively parades to watch, and music groups to listen to. People don brightly colored costumes in honor of the September celebrations. For Independence Day itself, there are a variety of sporting events, flag-raising ceremonies, and live, traditional music performances. Be prepared for crowded streets and a lot of tasty food and drinks. This is a great time to visit Belize City, as you really get an in-depth look at the people and their culture.

Baron Bliss Day

Baron Bliss was a very important benefactor of Belize, and because of this, the people of Belize dedicated March 9th as a day of celebration for him. The festivities are almost all sport-based, and include a regatta, or boat race, by his tomb as well as various bike races. Kite flying is a popular activity for Baron Bliss Day as well.

The Garifuna Festival

Out of all Belize City Festivals, the Garifuna Festival is possibly the most unique. The Garifuna are a mix between the Island Caribs and the Africans, and from October 25th to November 19th, their culture is celebrated. This beautiful and interesting festival includes colorful parades and beauty pageants including the Miss Garifuna Belize pageant. People of the Garifuna culture wear traditional Garifuna clothing. They also perform a reeneactment of the Garifuna settlement. The entire festival is a way to make people appreciate and become more aware of this little-known culture.

Holy Saturday Cross-Country Cycling Classic

This bike race is an international event that begins and ends in Belize City. It is generally held in the beginning of April. The race brings in tourists from around the world, so the city gets a bit crowded. Unless you are a huge fan of cycling, this is not the ideal time to visit Belize City. The racing circuit is from Belize City to the Western Highway, around San Ignacio and back.

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