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Belize City is a melting pot of diverse cultures including British, Spanish, Mayan, Chinese, American, Kriol and Garifuna. There is a selection of gourmet Belize City Restaurants offering cuisines which are an interesting potpourri of all these ethnicities.


In Belize you must try you taste buds on the different popular traditional cuisines like caldo, dukunu, garnache, tortillas, hudutu, curry chicken, boil-up, conch fritter, tamales, ceviche, stew chicken or fish, rice and beans, callaloo and saltfish, conch soup, renta pineapple drink and escoveitch fish. Caldo is a popular Mayan dish. Dukunu is a Kriol dish prepared with sweetened starch. Ceviche made of shredded fish, shrimp or conch is served with fresh onions and tortilla chips. Garnache, on the other hand, are fried wheat tortillas garnished with cheese, beans, cabbage and carrots, vinegar and salt. Hudutu is a Garifuna dish prepared with fish and coconut. Tamale is a typical Latin American dish composed of steamed or boiled dough filled with meats, cheese and chillies. Seafood is very delectable in Belize. Plenty of dishes prepared with conch, lobster, snapper and shrimp will definitely give you a gustatory pleasure.

Breakfast, Meal and Dessert

A typical Belize breakfast consists of bread, tortillas, eggs, cheese, fresh fruits and refried beans. You can also have Belizean biscuits in breakfast. Barbecued chicken served with rice and beans is a typical Belize dish you can try during lunch or dinner as per your appetite. Besides, garnache, tamales, stew chicken and fish, dukunu, boil-up and hudutu are ideal as wholesome meals. In the evening, you can dig into light snacks like ceviche, pizaa or cassava bread. Lastly, you can have coconut fudge, potato pudding, coconut ice cream, powderburn, cake and pies as desserts.


Belize City has abundant restaurants with delicacies from all over the world to quench your gastronomical thirst. Some of its popular well known restaurants are Smokey Mermaid, Blackbird Caye Resort, Pepper’s Pizza, The Wet Lizard, Stone Grill Restaurant at Radisson Hotel and Eva’s. Smokey Mermaid with its indoor and outdoor sitting arrangements that lets you either to dine in the air-conditioned section or outside in the patio. This restaurant specializes in seafood items. The price here is a bit more expensive than others. Blackbird Caye Resort with its luscious cuisines including lasagna, spaghetti, pork, chicken and beef dishes, rice with beans and potatoes, will leave you asking for more. Eva’s is famous for its cheap foods and is a nice place to hang out with your friends. Regardless of the restaurant you choose, you must not forget to try the quintessential Belize beverage, Belikin, and fruit juices made from exotic Belizean fruits.

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Milky Way Cafe Belize

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Milky Way Cafe (China Town) started at 2002, was a famous Taiwanese restaurant in Belize City, they had their own unique style of product orientation and high quality of the environment to made its name. The year of 2011 their efforts and attitude is the creation of the Milky Way Cafe. Milky Way Cafe includes Belizean Coffee, Asian Food, Appetizers, Drinks, Ice Cream, it is a nice place for enjoy your time in Belize City.

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address:29 Baymen Avenue, Belize City, Belize
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