Day Trips in Belize city

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Off the coast of the Caribbean, situated at the opening of the Belize River, is a wonderful place known as Belize City. As the largest city in Belize, Belize City offers countless sights and activities to partake in, making it a favorite vacation destination. Because there is so much to see and do, planning for Belize City Day Trips is a great way to structure any travel itinerary. By doing so, you ensure you won't miss out on everything this beautiful city has to offer. There is a Belize City Day trip for every type of traveler, regardless of what you are looking to do and see.

Rainforest ATV/ Mayan Caves Hike / Underground Caves Tube Float

A popular day trip that is not only beautiful, but reasonably affordable as well, is an ATV ride through the amazing Belize rainforest, followed by a hiking trip to explore ancient Maya traditions and caves, and ending with a relaxing inner tube float through the underground Belize Maya Caves system. Throughout your adventure, you will hike through different levels of terrain, explore caves that unveil ancient artifacts, and float away on the gentle current through underground caves, equipped with flashlights to view everything these primitive caverns have to offer. This Belize City Day Trip has it all!

Wildlife Boat Trip

If you're looking to check out some of the exciting wildlife Belize City has to offer, then a river boat day trip may be just the adventure for you. This day trip down the Belize River promises an exciting mix of wildlife and relaxation, as you gently meander several miles downstream. Tour guides know just where to find exotic birds and reptiles, including iguanas and crocodiles. There are several other creatures native to the Belize River that you will come across throughout your boat trip adventure.

Belize Zoo

One family-friendly day trip is the Belize Zoo day trip. The Belize Zoo is home to over 125 animals native to Belize, and boasts 29 beautiful acres of tropical land. What makes this zoo great is its mission to care for and protect the animals that are native to the land; all of the animals housed within the zoo were either born at the zoo, orphaned, gifted from other zoos, or taken in for recovery from illness or abuse. Some of the animals include black jaguars, puma, ocelot, howler and spider monkeys, but there are many more. This Belize City day trip is perfect for any animal lover.

Whether you're looking for rugged outdoor fun, or peaceful and relaxing activities, Belize City has a day trip for you. Don’t let the exciting sights and wildlife pass you by!

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