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accommodation in Belize city

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Serving as a jumping off point for trips throughout Belize, as well as having a few of its own highlighted attractions, Belize City offers a wide variety of accommodations to suit any kind of traveler. A main hub for cruise ships and the home of the only manual swing bridge in the world, Belize City is a great place to stay and soak up some of the Caribbean culture.

Mid Range Accommodations

The Black Orchid Resort is a pleasant accommodation that's very highly rated for its hospitality and aesthetics. Boasting beautiful grounds, a great location and many day trips that can be arranged at the resort, this is one of the best places to stay in the city. At just $110 a night, this resort shows the true meaning of Belizean hospitality, with a friendly and helpful staff.

Luxury Accommodations

Radisson Fort George Hotel and Marina and Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza offer rooms starting at $195 and $158 respectively. If you prefer a western hotel with all the amenities, these are two great choices. Both situated in nice locations, you will not be disappointed with these higher end accommodations.

Budget Accommodations

There are numerous budget accommodations in the city that make a great place to stay, either on an extended visit or a stopover before an airport trip. The Bachelor Inn is loved for its fantastic owner and simple, yet functional rooms, with rates starting at just $69. Chateau Caribbean also offers a nice accommodation with lots of amenities, starting at $82 per night.

Bed and Breakfasts

The nice thing about Belize is that you are not limited to traditional hotels when choosing your accommodations. Teeming with bed and breakfasts, inns and other specialty lodging, you have a wide selection of great places to stay. The Orchid Garden Eco-Village Hotel is one of these places, offering multiple tours and nicely appointed rooms in a sustainable environment starting at $75 a night. The D’Nest Inn is also notable at $60 a night. Located in a residential area, this inn is off the beaten path, has great hospitality and wonderful food.

Whether just passing through or staying awhile, Belize City has something wonderful to offer the traveler. Regardless of where you choose, expect to enjoy some great food and unique atmosphere during your stay.

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