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The largest city in the country of Belize is Belize City, and although it is no longer the country's capital, it is still Belize's main urban area. Belize City sits on a little land peninsula that juts out into the Caribbean Sea. It was the capital city of the country until it was horribly damaged by both floods and hurricanes. This Belize City Travel Guide will provide much need to know information about the city itself, the surrounding attractions, and what you need to know to stay safe while visiting there.

Crime and Safety

According to Belize City statistics, not all parts of the city are safe for tourists. There are sketchy areas where tourists should not go due to the large number of thefts and muggings that have taken place here. Make sure you travel in groups to ensure safety, walk in open areas where other people are instead of taking shortcuts through less populated parts of town, don't carry large sums of cash, and keep all personal belongings of value close to your person at all times including cameras, wallets, identification and passports.
It would also be a good idea not to wear any expensive jewelry out in public when visiting here, as it will only attract thieves to attempt to steal them from you. Not all of Belize City is this bad, but it's better to be safe than sorry and think ahead for any type of negative situation that has occurred to others.

City Attractions

Belize City has a number of small-scale attractions to visit including the Museum of Belize which is housed in the city's old prison, and Fort Georgia which showcases the city's lighthouse, old colonial style homes, and some nicer remodeled hotels. You can also visit Belize City Zoo, Tropical Education Center, and Primate Sanctuary which house approximately 300 animals in all, and most the animals that people see here were either orphaned, born at the zoo, rehabilitated, or sent there as gifts from other zoos. If you like to visit the beach, check out Cucumber Beach located in Old Belize where you can stroll the sandy beaches, go for a boat ride, go down the waterslide, or use the zip line for an aerial view of the surrounding landscape. If you are interested in archaeology or history of the area, visit the Altun Ha Ruins where excavations continue for historical clues and artifacts left by the Mayan people who first settled here.

Belize City is situated on the east coast and is the travel hub of the country. Belize City is filled with history and has some interesting sights to explore. One highlight is the only manual swing bridge in the world and is still being swung daily.

Belize City is also the starting point visit the many attractions of the hardly known country., for example, the relaxing Placencia, the adventurous Cockscomb Basin, the only Jaguar Reserve in the country to the mysterious archaeological sites such as Caracol and Xunantunich and the interesting Mountain Pine Ridge area.


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